terms of service
User qualification of this service

“Person who uses this service” (hereinafter referred to as “user”) means the use of all services provided to users within this service operated by our company using the Internet after approving this agreement. Therefore, a person who has applied for membership as a user of this service and has been approved by the Company. The user shall use this service based on this agreement. If each service in this service has a separate agreement (hereinafter referred to as “individual agreement”), the user shall use this service based on this agreement and individual agreement. In addition, if the contents stipulated in this agreement and the individual agreement are different, the contents stipulated in the individual agreement shall take precedence. The user shall not allow a third party to use the qualification, or lend, transfer, buy or sell, pledge, etc.

About changes to this agreement

The Company shall be able to change this agreement and individual agreements. If you change this agreement or individual agreement, all matters related to this service such as charges shall be based on the changed agreement.

About enrollment

Those who intend to become users shall apply for membership to the Company according to the procedure specified by the Company after approving this agreement. Those who do not have the e-mail address given by the mobile phone operator specified by the Company and the mobile phone specified by the Company cannot become a user without the special approval of the Company.

About mobile phones

The user shall be responsible for managing the mobile phone used for registration or change registration to this service or the SIM card of the mobile phone (hereinafter collectively referred to as “mobile phone”). The user of this service shall not allow a third party to use the mobile phone, lend, transfer, buy or sell, pledge, etc. while having membership. The user shall be liable for any damages caused by insufficient management of the mobile phone, mistakes in use, use by a third party, etc., and the Company shall not be liable at all. If there is a risk that the mobile phone will be used by a third party, the user shall immediately notify the Company and comply with the instructions of the Company.

About user description information

“User description information” means all information described by the user in this service. The user who describes the user description information shall be fully responsible for it. In addition, the user cannot describe the following information. Those that damage the honor or credibility of others Obscene expressions Those that infringe patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights, copyrights, portrait rights, and other rights Those that include computer viruses Those that violate public order and morals Links to sites other than those approved by the Company and their URLs and other items that the Company deems inappropriate. If the user description information violates this agreement, or if the Company deems it inappropriate. , The information described by the user can be deleted. The Company shall be able to use all information such as user description information in this service free of charge and let a third party use it.

About personal information

If you want to become a user, you need to register the information specified by us with us. The usage history of the user will be disclosed together with the nickname notified to us by the user for the period specified by us on this service. We shall be able to use the personal information of users for the following purposes. To provide this service, to provide content, shopping and other information services, to provide system usage services, to advertise or promote the products of our company and third parties (including sending direct mail and sending e-mail). And sales of third-party products, solicitation of sales, shipping, billing for service provision, identity verification for billing calculation, after-sales service for authentication service, inquiry, sweepstakes for conducting questionnaires for complaints, Affiliate for campaign implementation, marketing data survey for point service, payment service for statistics and analysis, new service for provision of distribution service, system maintenance for use in development of new functions, etc. Shall be able to provide the personal information of the user to a third party in the following cases. When the consent of the person is obtained When the court, the prosecutor’s office, the police, the tax office, the bar association or an organization with similar authority requests the disclosure of personal information, all or part of the business performed by the Company is to a third party. When outsourcing When disclosing to the Company, who is obliged to maintain confidentiality When disclosing to the person who succeeds the business at the time of merger, business transfer or other free business succession, personal information protection When permitted by law or other laws and regulations Other cases where each service of our company is individually determined We can send e-mail or other advertising materials to users for the purpose of advertising or promotion of third parties. And the user shall consent to this in advance. The user shall not perform any act that violates the Personal Information Protection Law.

Violation of this agreement and individual agreement

If the user falls under any of the following items, the Company shall not allow the use of this service for the period specified by the Company, or may revoke the user’s qualification. However, even in this case, the fee received by us will not be refunded. If the content is false or fraudulent in the personal information registration at the time of user registration application or personal information change after becoming a user, or if there is duplicate user registration, this service will not be used. If more than one year has passed If we determine that we have caused unreasonable inconvenience to other users If we violate this agreement and individual agreements If we determine that it is inappropriate as a user Users who have revoked their user qualifications cannot re-enroll. Even if the user suffers damage due to our measures, we will not compensate for the damage at all.

Service provision conditions

We may suspend or change this service for maintenance etc. without notifying the user. The equipment, communication means, etc. necessary to receive the provision of this service shall be provided at the user’s expense and responsibility. We do not guarantee that this service will not be interrupted, discontinued or otherwise disturbed.

About charges

When using the paid content specified by the Company, the user shall pay in compliance with the amount, method, timing, etc. specified by the Company. In addition, we will not refund any usage fees already paid for any reason. If the user of this service does not pay the usage fee set by the Company by the due date set by the Company, the user will pay the Company late damages at a rate of 14.6% per year from the day after the due date. Suppose.

Content license conditions

The user shall be able to use the contents of this service only within the range specified by the Company by connecting to the equipment designated by the Company through a telecommunication line. We have the right to all the contents provided by us in this service, and we have the patent right, utility model right, design right, copyright, know-how and other intellectual property rights to the user. It is not intended to be implemented or licensed. The user shall not be able to copy, transmit, transfer, lend, translate, adapt or otherwise use the contents of this service. However, this does not apply if the method / means specified by the Company and this service is used. The validity period of the right to use the content is set for each content, and it will be announced by the method specified by the Company within this service. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, if the user loses the usage qualification due to withdrawal, etc., the right to use the content shall also be extinguished. We may change the validity period of the right to use the content at any time.

About our responsibility

The Company shall not be liable for the completeness, accuracy, certainty, usefulness, etc. of the contents of this service and the information etc. obtained by the user through this service. The user shall use this service based on his / her own responsibility, and the Company shall not be responsible for any matters of the user in this service. The user shall use this service within the scope of the law. Even if the user comes into contact with the laws of Japan and foreign countries in connection with the use of this service, we will not take any responsibility. If the liability of the Company is not stipulated in this agreement and the user suffers damage due to reasons attributable to the Company, the Company will compensate up to 10,000 yen. The Company will compensate the user for any damage caused by the intentional or gross negligence of the Company. We are not aware of any troubles that occur between users or other third parties regarding this service. Therefore, these troubles shall be resolved through discussions between the parties and proceedings.

About change of registration items

If there is a change in the registered items, the user shall promptly notify the Company by the procedure specified by the Company. Without this notification, the Company shall be able to treat the registered items as unchanged. If the user does not notify us that the e-mail address or mobile phone model information registered with us has been changed, we may not be able to use this service. (Regarding notifications from our company) ▽ Notifications from our company shall be delivered when the e-mail should normally arrive by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address registered with our company. (Discontinuation of service) ▽ The Company shall be able to discontinue this service at any time due to the convenience of the Company.

About withdrawal

The user can withdraw from the membership by following the procedure specified by the Company. We will not refund the fee for paid content received even if the user withdraws.

Governing law

The governing law for this service and other terms shall be Japanese law.

Court of competent jurisdiction

In the event of a proceeding between the user and the Company, the Sendai District Court shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction.

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