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Six equipment to boost the quality of web conferencing with Zoom’s beautiful delivery environment

Zoom has come into vogue. I’m sure many companies used to use Zoom for internal remote participation meetings, but now Zoom is a service that is used not only for company meetings, but also for seminars, schools, and theater performances, and it’s gaining de facto recognition as the de facto way to meet over the Internet, not just web conferencing.

I also used to use Zoom internally. I’ve never been concerned about screen quality before, partly because the quality of the Zoom is better than other video conferencing systems, but also because we’re in-house and the only people we do the Zoom with are people we already know.

Even through Zoom, first impressions are very important. It is important to have a sense of cleanliness first in order to gain their trust and lead to business negotiations. So for a long time now, we’ve been wearing clean clothes and blubbering our mouths with gargoyles before knocking on our customers’ doors.

Sales changes due to Zoom

This is my previous Zoom.

This is a picture I took with the camera on my computer. With a laptop, the camera is under my face, so if I’m not aware of anything, my reflection in the Zoom looks like this “arrogant looking up from below”.

What do you think the customers will think when they see this figure? I’m afraid I’m going to feel bad because I feel like I’m being bossy.

Even so, no one wants to see their uncle. It is better not to show unsightly things as much as possible. Let’s at least raise the quality a little and make it better. As a result of thinking about such things and making various efforts, it now looks like this.

How about it? The quality has visibly improved!

Zoom quality is the last mile in the process of winning a project.

Now, don’t be caught off guard because you’re at home, but let me introduce you to tools that will help you get results in sales.

1.Prepare a DSLR camera.

Actually, I’m not a camera person and I’m not picky. I’m just an amateur who likes to look at nice pictures. This camera is also a hobby of his wife, who takes pictures of athletes. (I was able to rent it because it’s off-season, so I’m afraid it won’t be available once the season starts.)

The good thing about a DSLR camera is that it gives you a blurred background. By blocking out unnecessary information, you will be able to see “yourself” clearly, which is what the person wants to see the most.

It’s the most expensive piece of equipment I’ll be showing you (I was able to borrow it from my wife, so it’s free).

Besides the body, the lens is sold separately! (I borrowed it from my wife, so it’s free, thanks to her).

Why is the lens only sold separately? When I complain to my wife about it, I don’t understand that the reflection is different when the lens is different, or that the swamp of the lens is deep. The lens is also expensive (I borrowed it from my wife).

2.Insert the AC cable

I was surprised, but nowadays cameras are charged by USB cable, but Sony’s α6000 is not charged unless the power is turned off. In other words, if it’s a long meeting, the battery will run out. So, you’ll want to buy a special cable that you can put in the case of the charger and plug directly into the power supply. The stock was expensive, so it’s made in China. The operation requirement is 2A or more, so it did not work with genuine Sony devices (0.5A). I plugged it into an extension cable for a scanner I’m not using now. So far, it’s working comfortably.

3. Attach 3 legs.

During web conferencing, the camera has to be fixed. However, if you try to place the camera high up, the legs will be too wide and take up too much space in the room. So I bought three separate legs for the tabletop and one that would extend it. Connect these two together and you have a compact tripod. The camera is now fixed at the position where it comes on the monitor. Well, it’s a little wobbly when you hook your foot. If you’re doing it in a large room, I think a large tripod is better for stability.

I didn’t know there was such a thing as a single leg. It’s used to prevent the camera from moving when you press the shutter. Heh.

4. Connect with video capture

This was the one that puzzled me the most this time. Anyway, there are a lot of them. And there is a lot of Windows support. This is probably because there are many uses for it in game distribution. Recently, the need for web conferencing has been increasing, and it is in short supply at every store. I really wanted another one, but I couldn’t wait for it, so it’s a little expensive, and the design is also a little cheesy, but I put up with it and went with this one because they say the quality is good.

It corresponds to Mac, and when it becomes that it is not made in China, the number of products is really small, and I could find only this or another one or two. This is very handy because it’s plug-and-play ready for Mac.

Since this is a game delivery device, it has an HDMI port for pass-through. Pass-through is a function that allows the screen you are viewing on your computer to be reflected on another monitor. I installed OBS and helped my son open his own live game channel.

There are similar products from the same manufacturer. This one has a lot of users and reviews are favorable, but it doesn’t support Mac! Now! I couldn’t imagine that it wasn’t compatible with Mac, so I bought this one at first. I made a mistake!

Of course, I couldn’t use it on a Mac, so I returned it immediately. Be careful if your video capture is Mac compatible or not, you can choose this one for Windows.

5. Set the microphone

Well, it’s almost over. Even though the image may look better, the quality of the voice can change considerably depending on the microphone. I read in a sales business book a long time ago that sales talk is all about the voice, and if you speak slowly, you’ll gain trust. It’s important that your voice sounds clear and appealing even online.

The cheapest one made by Amazon is so popular that it is hard to know when the delivery date will be. However, the cheap mics made by Amazon, the Cospa was good but the quality rating was lacking. The condenser mics that I longed for in the 90’s when DTM was all the rage, but now they’re incredibly cheap. I wasn’t aware of this manufacturer, but I’m happy with the quality.

Just connect it to USB, so it’s easy to use. Of course, because it is USB-A, when I connect it to a recent Mac, the conversion adapter to USB-C is also indispensable.

Let’s compare the sound of the condenser microphone to the sound of the Mac’s inner microphone.

Mac Inner Microphone


condenser microphone


You can hear a lot of white noise in the inner mics, but the condenser mics are crystal clear!

6. turning on the light

I don’t have the space to prepare a huge reflex board, so I have to do something with the light alone. The trick here is to position the light so that it illuminates the desk between the camera and the face. It’s too shaded when you light up the face, and everything is blurry when you point it at the camera. By illuminating the desk, you get a reflex effect and it brightens up your face.

I wanted the stand light (the Angled Poise that was modeled on the opening of the Pixar movie), but I compromised on IKEA (it’s only a tenth of the price!) is. I love this one because it’s so cute.

That’s all for the introduction of the equipment.

Total Price.

Okay, so the total price so far is

SLR camera is borrowed from his wife (free of charge).
AC cable: ¥2,499
Mini tripods→ ¥2,482
Monopod→ ¥2,945
Capture board→ ¥24,000
Condenser microphone → ¥5,799
IKEA’s lights → ¥5,440

Total ¥42,165

If you take out the camera, you can get a Zoom effect just by doing this. I think it is possible to get it cheaply by aiming for an off-the-shelf camera because it is good if it is also a single lens.

Now you can’t spend your transportation and entertainment money! This is an operating expense that is necessary to win a project. It’s cheap!

Well, I hope you have a fruitful online sales day!


GIZIN Inc. provides consulting, planning and development services related to the Internet, from AR and chatbots to games and EC sites. If you want to check out the high quality Zoom effect, please feel free to contact us!

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